Bringing The Story Of The Last Tsar Of Russia To The Big Screen

An action-packed Adventure story of the First Romanov and Last Tsar of Russia to be assassinated by Lenin, now seeking a Production company to take it to the BIG SCREEN.

Lenin tried to kill off the Romanovs… but Grand Duke Michael, the Last Tsar of Russia, escaped to the UK living on until 1947.  His Granddaughter Hannah revives the Romanov Dynasty to become the new Russian Tsarina (of Indian descent) in 2019.

The essential claim of this fact/fiction historical drama “The Two Lives of Grand Duke Michael,” is Lenin announced that Grand Duke Michael, (who became the last Tsar of Russia after his brother Nicholas II abdicated) was assassinated in 1918. But British spies rescued him at the scene and brought him to the UK in secrecy to live his second life, producing legitimate heirs to the Russian Throne in 1946.

The incontrovertible truth after years of searching for any evidential remains of the Grand Duke by the Russians this century…. Is that nothing has been discovered.  The novel creates controversy and mysteries which will inevitably challenge history as we know it in the Greatest Adventure/Murder Mystery story awaiting screening.

A treatment has recently been completed with ‘Synopsis’ and ‘Pitch’ which now needs to be channeled through a Film Production company to become a movie, which will sit alongside the best!

The ‘Two Lives’ are carefully crafted using Battleships, Exotic cars, Seaplanes and German secret submarines in his secret visit to meet the allies in 1918 in the UK and the burial, of a huge haul of Russian Crown jewels on the Yorkshire coast which are awaiting discovery in the trilogy now being written.

An adventure of huge proportions in a compelling and well researched fast-moving novel awaiting screening.

If you want to take this opportunity to discover more, please look at the media reactions on the dedicated website and email

The Two Lives of Grand Duke Michael to be adapted to screen. The story follows the second life of Michael Romanov after his alleged assassination, read more here.

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