Louis Mair - 4 Stars

"Action, Romance and definitely a tragedy.
Fast action Adventure, Romance and Tragedy. A 'what if' fiction of the life of the Duke and how Communism would have, as Churchill wished, to `strangle communism in the cradle` had the Allies been able to bring Michael to lead the invasion. The escape from Russia with the aid of Sidney Reilly and starting a new life in Britain is a masterstroke of creativity and opens up so many mysteries and future possibilities. This story is possible as it seems that their bodies have never been found, unlike those of his brother Nicholas.

A bit disappointed that there is very little or no dialogue between the characters or scenic description, but this is probably to do with the no nonsense approach of the author. Certainly was not boring.

The whole story from start to finish is believable to a point of possibility. Where are the jewels on the Yorkshire Coast?. I hope all is revealed in the next 2 books."

11th May 2018

Jenny - 4 Stars

"Interesting and creative.
After reading the introduction i thought this book might be an interesting read, and I was right. It was full of facts and very well researched. The story was fast flowing and contained many accounts of adventure and romance. It was an unusual read in it's creativity and I hope the author will complete the trilogy he talks of."

17th May 2018

G. R. Chambers - 3 Stars

"Fact is often described as more exciting than fiction but this book could be the exception that proves the rule! It is a helter-skelter of a tale involving the Imperial Russian Royal family the British Royal family, Winston Churchill, Admiral John Jellicoe, MI6, Grand Admiral Alfred Tirpitz of the Imperial German Navy and a host of other characters and props including Fabergé jewels and the sleek,mysterious and attractive femme fatale Olga Bystrovia not to mention a Rolls-Royce half-track a German submarine under the Baltic Sea and an aeroplane piloted by the heir to the Romanov throne. All of this ends up in (of all places) Filey on the north Yorkshire coast ! What fun!"

2nd June 2018

Emily - 4 Stars

"An enjoyable read; for someone with limited background knowledge of the main character, it was easy for me to follow this alternate storyline and imagine it to be so. A clever idea which inspires questions and gives rise to ‘what if’ thoughts. I’ve a mind to look further into this fascinating yet little publicised story and find out some more!"

5th June 2018

Poppy - 5 Stars

"Quick paced and brilliant story plot.
This is a well researched book about the very last Russian Tsar murdered by the Bolsheviks, or was he? The story takes place in several countries as Michael travels over land and sea in a two week round trip from Russia to the UK to rally support against the Bolsheviks and to promote him as the new Tsar of Russia in place of Nicholas II who had abdicated. After their return back to Russia, He is captured, soon murdered and left for dead. However, this is not the end as two MI6 officers in pursuit find Michael barely alive....here begins the second life on Michael. There is mystery, subterfuge, secrecy, romance and tragedy all rolled into this book. It was an easy and enjoyable read."

17th June 2018

Martin S

"Based on many hours of research in historical archives and with the application of logic and his fertile imagination Michael Roman comes up with a credible and highly readable novel that explores the intriguing concept that what if Grand Duke Michael had survived the assassination attempt ordered on him by none other that Vladimir Lenin himself?

The facts in the first part of the novel are an account of what actually took place and are a latter of historical record.

In February 1918 during the Great War, Michael underook a hazardous two-week journey to the UK from Bolshevik Russia to meet with the Western Allies.

His mission was to discuss plans for an invasion of Russia to sweep the Bolsheviks from power and to install Grand Duke Michael as the new Tsar.

Upon his return to Russia the plans for such an invasion came to a juddering stop when he was murdered whilst held under house arrest in Siberia.

At this juncture Michael Roman imagines a different, alternative history for Grand Duke Michael.

He describes how Grand Duke Michael survives the assassination attempt and how he is assisted by Sidney Reilly the legendary but very genuine MI6 agent to escape from Siberia and how he is taken to live a new life in the UK.

Under a new identity he lives under the protection of the British Secret Service and works as a code breaker at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.

Incidentally the story hangs on an interesting historical fact. Although it is generally believed that Grand Duke Michael and his British secretary, Nicholas Johnson, were assassinated, no remains have ever been discovered.

In the book there are acts of treachery and treason, of bravery and self-sacrifice and of nobility under great pressure.

It is an amazing and intriguing book which is published by Matador at £12.99. I have a feeling that many readers will take this book with them on their summer holidays. Though it's doubtful that they will be taking such a perilous journey as that undertaken by Grand Duke Michael."

4th July 2018

Mrs T J Spence - 5 Stars

"A very clever, interesting and topical book.
This is a very clever, interesting and topical book in the way it uses factual historical assets, places and people to create a fictional storyline, which always keeps the thought of "what if" in the back of your mind."

13th July 2018

Alex Reeves - 5 Stars

"An intriguing and interesting take on what could have happened after the assassination of Tsar Michael Romanov. His body has never been found and therefore the author combines fact and fiction to create a 'what if' scenario. Incorporating some romance and adventure means this book can appeal to all!"

19th July 2018

Gemma - 5 Stars

"A well researched and gripping storyline.
The Two Lives Of Grand Duke Michael is a gripping 'what if' plot and it will get you wondering what sections are fact and what are fiction. It is extremely well researched with the author offering in depth information about Romanov history. The innovative story holds something for all readers, action, adventure and romance!"

21st August 2018