Why did Ian Fleming choose the name…. James Bond.?

Fleming was a keen bird watcher and came across the book “Birds of the West Indies” by James Bond, an ornithologist from Philadelphia, and was struck by the name.
Liking the sound of the name and having a connection with his main hobby, he befriended James Bond who was based in Philadelphia at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
Bond, the ornithologist (affectionately known as `Jim`) and his wife Mary actually visited Fleming in Jamaica in 1964. He invited them to come to Goldeneye, which was his house there, and he gave them lunch. Then at the end of their visit, he gave them a copy of his newest book – he had an advance copy of “You Only Live Twice” – and in it he put an inscription, which was ‘To the real James Bond from the thief of his identity,
Despite the Bonds’ visit to Goldeneye and Fleming’s personal inscription in “You Only Live Twice,” there is a chance the author did not actually borrow Bond’s name from the Philly ornithologist, or at least not entirely. Earlier this year, the BBC reported on newly released records that revealed an intelligence officer named James Charles Bond was a member of a secret elite unit working on missions under Fleming during his time in the British military, before he became an author.
Perhaps the amalgam of the James Bond name he liked, the connection with his favourite hobby, and a fellow intelligence officer blended perfectly the certainty of the name living on as a tribute to the colossus character…. Sidney Reilly.
“A fine blend of names befitting the ghosts of the intelligence service.”
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