This Tuesday evening “AFTER MOSCOW” on The Freeview channel 9pm @TalkingPicsTV Sidney Reilly ACE OF SPIES.

Once again, this Tuesday evening on The Freeview channel `Talking Pictures` at 9.00.p.m. we will be entertained by the real James Bond Sam Neill as he creates Sidney Reilly ACE OF SPIES. The sophisticated charming and ruthless Sam Neill shows his acting skills like no other in the James Bond theme. Surely this man has been overlooked, regardless that he did not possess a `six pack` as I am sure Sidney Reilly never had. It is not about brawn…. but the intelligence, womanising and streaks of a ruthless go getter who aspired of becoming the leader of RUSSIA in 1918. Now that is a man of men…. and that was as Sam Neill portrayed .?  

Looking back at the last Episode……ENDGAME 

Reilly made careful plans to take control of Moscow and ultimately Russia, but his coup misfired when Lenin brought forward a meeting of the Congress. Most of Reilly’s friends were arrested by the secret police after an anarchist made a bungled assassination attempt. Lenin survived being shot, and Reilly flew Moscow with a suitcase of cash from the safe of the British Embassy at the expense of the murder of the Consul, Commander Crombie by the Bolsheviks. 

The current episode…AFTER MOSCOW 

1918: Reilly is back in London after a dangerous journey across Scandinavia using his disguises and wits, where he arranges a loan of $250,000,000 for the Bolsheviks. Now that is a question to be answered by the double-dealing Reilly. While they are in London, a revolutionary tribunal in Moscow sentences Reilly and Bruce Lockhart to death, in their absence – and Reilly survives an assassination attempt in London. 

 KEEP WATCHING…the end is near for Reilly.  


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