Sidney Reilly Ace of Spies Episode 11…. THE TRUST

Once again, this Tuesday evening on The Freeview channel `Talking Pictures` at 9.00.p.m. we will be entertained by the real James Bond Sam Neill as he creates Sidney Reilly ACE OF SPIES. The sophisticated charming and ruthless Sam Neil shows his acting skills like no other in the James Bond theme.

Surely this man has been overlooked, regardless that he did not possess a `six pack` as I am sure Sidney Reilly never had. It is not about brawn…. but the intelligence, womanising and streaks of a ruthless go getter who aspired to becoming the leader of RUSSIA in 1918 a nefarious man of exceptional ability…. and that was how well Sam Neill portrayed the master spy.

Looking back at the last episode 10 …AFTER MOSCOW

1918: Reilly arrived back in London after a dangerous journey across Scandinavia where he used his disguises and wits  He arranged an uncertain loan of $250,000,000, a massive sum even by today’s standards, to the Bolsheviks fledgling government in whom their ideologies were in direct conflict with the UK. That question why was never. answered. While they were in London, a revolutionary tribunal in Moscow sentenced Reilly and Bruce Lockhart to death, in their absence.  In London, Reilly survived an assassination attempt and shot the shooter in his usual phlegmatic style.

The current episode 11…. THE TRUST

1924: In Moscow, a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization “The Trust”  is set up by the Bolshevik counter intelligence organisation with one objective…. to lure Reilly, and especially Savinkov, back into their clutches. In New York City, Reilly’s primary target is Henry Ford‘s financial largesse to aid the cause of overthrowing bolshevism. Various Russian émigrés of dubious loyalty meet their violent demise along the way. Back in Berlin, Reilly encounters yet another love interest, the mysterious Pepita Bobadilla continuing his nefarious liaisons with beautiful women. In London, Reilly forges a letter inciting British communists to engage in seditious activities.  The letter is intercepted by “C” at MI6 who is enraged. It was eventually released to the press resulting in a scandal that changes the national government in the October 1924 election. Meanwhile, Savinkov has taken the bait and returned to a Stalinist Russia where he was sentenced to death.

KEEP WATCHING…the end is near for Reilly.


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