Shirley Bassey `James Bond Anthems`.

Surely Bassey is `the` only endorsed tribute act from the Great Dame herself as she performs `The Girl From Tiger Bay` around the UK and International exotic venues. Joanne Copeman, dressing in Bassey Style gowns for each set, reveals Shirley’s long career since the 1950`s and crowned with a very special sequence dedicated to the James Bond anthems.
It is recognised that Shirley is the epitome of Bond Music and her timeless recordings are now international standards. In this Blog we introduce Joanne … being assured her music and videos will encapsulate what Shirley was famous for as she attributes her music in a compelling glitzy style.
Surley Bassey, over her long National and International career has offered `James Bond` themed musical sets for Private Hire parties where celebrants enjoy her intimate exhilarating style of presentation.
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