Sam Neill Reilly Ace of Spies – The END GAME.

Sam Neill Reilly Ace of Spies 


Fanya Kaplan.  This is the face of the young revolutionary who fired 3 shots into the body of Lenin in August 1918.  He survived, but how the world could have been different if perhaps there had been a 4th. fatal shot. 

The last episode brought Reilly to Russia with instructions from Cummings at MI6 to remove Lenin from Power in the advent of the allied invasion of Russia.  The forces were to advance south from Archangel and link up with the Czech and White Armies after releasing Grand Duke Michael from Perm who would have become the centrepiece and spearhead for removing Lenin. 

Reilly, with his £1m stash provided by MI6, was given the task to persuade the Russians to renter the war on the eastern front with Germany.  Lenin bluntly refused, leaving Reilly with the alternative option to remove him by force, or otherwise. This spawned his grandiose idea that he might become the new party of leadership in Russia. The subsequent failed uprising by the Socialist Revolutionary party led to the only other option…. which was to have Lenin assassinated, 

By this time the allies had landed in Archangel and deemed totally inadequate to penetrate the harsh northern region to make a meaningful advance south to Perm and then Moscow.   

An assault on Lenin using 28-year-old Fanya Kaplan who had previous experience in attempts to assassinate Romanovs, was planned at a meeting of the All Russian Congress.  However, it being delayed by 10 days brought complications to the plan.  The attempt was partially successful in that shots were fired as Lenin left the meeting, but they were not fatal, and he recovered several days later. 

A dragnet was imposed and and many counter revolutionaries were rounded up and executed.  Reilly escaped to Petrograd for the safety of the British Consulate, but the building waattacked by Bolshevik forces killing Commander Crombie as the lone defender whilst Riley once again escaped with a huge stash of Cash.   

One of Reilly’s rare failures for MI6. 


Michael Roman 

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