Sam Neill creates Sidney Reilly “ACE OF SPIES` Final Episode – SHUTDOWN

Once again, this Tuesday evening on The Freeview channel `Talking Pictures` at 9.00.p.m. we will be entertained by the real James Bond Sam Neill as he creates Sidney Reilly “ACE OF SPIES`. The sophisticated charming and ruthless Sam Neil shows his acting skills like no other in the James Bond theme.

Looking back at the last episode “The Last Journey”
1925: Reilly married his new love Pepita in London before travelling back to Petrograd where he secretly met with “The Trust”. There he accelerated subversion against the Bolsheviks . Stalin learned of the fake anti-Bolshevik operation and insisted it be shut down immediately and Reilly was arrested before he could slink back out of the country. — an outcome expected all along.

The current and final Episode 11 `Shutdown`
1925: Reilly imprisoned in Moscow, is brutally tortured, but to little effect. Russian disinformation puts it about that Reilly is dead, but “C” doubts it. In frustration, “C” would like to negotiate for Reilly’s release, but Prime Minister Baldwin refuses.. Dzerzhinsky would like to keep Reilly alive as an intelligence asset, but ultimately loses his battle of wills with Stalin. Reilly is executed by sniper shot in a vast snowy field..

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